Hill Billy F.A.Q.

Hill Billy Trolley

How much does an Hill Billy weigh?

  • The Hill Billy weighs 8.30 Kg excluding Battery

What are the dimensions of an Hill Billy trolley?

  • When the trolley is open: Height: 985mm max, 895mm min / Width: 600mm  / Depth: 1290mm
  • When the trolley is folded: Height: 920mm / Width: 6000mm / Depth: 350mm

What weight can my Hill Billy carry?

We recommend that you don’t exceed 15Kg. If your battery is reaching the end of its useful life, or you are tackling a particularly arduous course, you might think about lightening the load.

How fast does a Hill Billy travel?

We reckon that, “flat out”, it would be best described as a “Very Brisk Walking Speed”. But you can dial your own speed at the touch of a finger.

Is it OK to take an Hill Billy on a plane?

You will need to ask your particular airline about their policy on electric golf trolleys. You will also need to check with them their policy on batteries.

Where can I buy an Hill Billy?

An Hill Billy can only be bought directly from us, the manufacturers. Phone us, or see us online.

How long will it take to deliver my Hill Billy?

We generally ship within two working days of receiving your order.   You should receive your order a working day after shipment unless you live in one of the more far flung parts of the country.  

If you need an urgent or special delivery, contact us on 01795 413830 and we will see how we can help.

Steering and Balance Issues

What causes a cart to “steer”?

The Hill Billy steers straight and true, as any electric trolley should. However, like any electric trolley, there are at least two conditions which may cause it to steer with a bias.

The first common cause is a lop-sided bag. The offset centre of gravity tries to tip a cart sideways slightly and gives the cart an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left. This can normally be prevented by balancing the bag so that its centre of gravity is in line with the main beam of the cart.

This is why Hill Billy offers a CartBag. CartBag pockets are laid out symmetrically on either side of the centre of the cart with pockets for balls and drinks down the centre. All the pockets are accessed from above. This means that they can be loaded in a balanced way. The Hill Billy CartBag also features a locking base which prevents the bag twisting and potentially getting into a lopsided condition. This also means that your clubs are always presented to you just the way you like them.

Secondly, if the cart receives a bad knock, say by running at speed into a kerb or a root, slight deformations in the chassis can lead to an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left.

This is why an Hill Billy features a fine adjustment of the front wheel to correct this problem should it happen.

Why is the balance of an Electric Cart important?

The more load you place over the front wheel of an electric cart, the more that front wheel tries to dig into the ground. This means that when you power up the motor, it tries to dig even further into the ground rather than rolling along the ground. This, in turn, causes your battery to drain abnormally quickly. So, with any cart, be mindful of the weight you are asking your cart to carry and where you stow your balls and drinks.

An Hill Billy is designed to have its centre of gravity as far back as is reasonable without risking it toppling backwards whether loaded or unloaded. This point of balance means that it is particularly light and easy to manoeuvre.


How heavy are the batteries?

  • Our 18-hole battery weighs 6.80 Kg, which is slightly less than the trolley
  • Our Lithium battery weighs only 2.30 Kg, which is much less than the trolley

How long does it take to charge a battery?

It will take about 12 hours to charge your battery after a round of golf.

My newly delivered battery took no time at all to charge. Is anything wrong?

Our batteries start off fully charged. Nevertheless, you should still put your battery on charge when you receive it.

If I play half a round of golf, do I need to recharge the battery before the next game?

You should always recharge your battery and leave it on charge after playing.

When the light on the charger turns to green, is my battery ready to use?

Yes, but still keep it on charge until your next round of golf.

Should I buy a second battery?

If you are playing more than 18 holes, you will need a second battery. Just remember to rotate the batteries to keep them in best condition.

Hill Billy deliberately does not offer a “36-hole” battery.  Such batteries are unduly heavy and are the antithesis of “simple”.  They impose a great load on the trolley chassis, they cause an undue strain on the motor and drive-chain and, if you play 36 holes on two consecutive days, the battery itself is not properly charged overnight by a charger intended for an 18-hole battery.  So, we would strongly recommend that, if you want to play 36 holes in one day, get two standard batteries and chargers.

If I buy a second battery, do I need a second charger?

You can get by with only one charger. Just remember to always have one battery on charge, and alternate the batteries. If you are not playing twice in a particular week, temporarily put the next battery on charge until it shows fully charged again.

Should I fully discharge my battery from time to time?

No. This is VERY BAD for your Hill Billy battery. It will seriously damage it.  Please keep it on charge.

How long should a battery last before it needs to be replaced?

Most batteries seem to die in their second or third season and often without any apparent reason. Very hot weather and very cold weather don’t help; failing to charge the battery after use doesn’t help; carrying heavy bags doesn’t help. Even batteries that are treated identically have different life spans. A standard battery is warranted for a year; so budget on between 18 months' and two years’ life. A Lithium battery is warranted for two years; so budget on three to four years’ life.

Experienced users will also have discovered that, when a battery is already struggling, a cold winter day can be the last straw.  That is simply the chemistry of a battery.  Time to buy a new battery! 

What should I do if my battery will not be used for a period of many days over the winter?

Your battery will be fine if you leave it on charge all the time. The charger will operate in "maintenance mode". However, if you are uncomfortable with that, you can disconnect your fully charged battery and it will be happy for up to 3 months in that state. If you turn off your charger, you must disconnect you battery from your charger. Please remember to recharge your battery fully before using it again!

I already have a battery from my previous trolley. Will it fit on an Hill Billy?

Hill Billy has a unique plug-n-play battery matched to a unique auto-sensing charger. So, you will not be able to use an old battery with your new cart. Nor will you be able to use an old non-Hill Billy charger with your new Hill Billy battery.

If my battery fails to get round the course, what do I do?

Your trolley can still be free-wheeled in front of you like a modern push-cart.

Then have your charger checked.  A faulty/damaged charger usually results in two failed batteries: the battery that has just failed, and then the new one that will fail before you realise that it was the charger to blame. 

If I already own an Hill Billy Plug'n'Play battery charger, will it be compatible with an Hill Billy Plug'n'Play Lithium battery?


Cart Bag

What are the dimensions of an Hill Billy Cart Bag?

Approximately 92 cm tall by 25 cm by 30 cm deep. It is a 10" bag.

Will my existing bag fit a new Hill Billy?

Most bags should fit, especially if they are “cart-bags”. Some “professional” bags are cumbersome and don’t balance correctly on trolleys. Of course, our Hill Billy CartBag comes with a special anti-twist base to match our bottom bag-stay

Repairs & Service

What happens if I have a problem?

Simply phone or email us. We can diagnose most issues remotely and either help you with a D.I.Y. solution or a back-to-base solution. If your cart needs to come back to us, we normally lend you another to keep you going.

What warranty do I get with my Hill Billy?

  • Your trolley and charger are covered for 2 years against manufacturing faults

  • Our Lithium battery is warranted for 2 years against manufacturing faults

  • Our 18-Hole battery is warranted for 12 months against manufacturing faults

  • These warranties in no way affect your Statutory Rights.

  • But, no matter, if you have a problem, just phone us or email us.

What servicing does my Hill Billy need?

  • Keep the battery on charge

  • Keep the trolley reasonably clean by giving it a wipe every now and then with a damp cloth

  • If you notice a loose screw or bolt, tighten it. Otherwise, if you have a specific problem, just phone us or email us.

Where can I have my Hill Billy repaired?

We offer “Back-to-Base” service and repairs. Simply phone or email us. If you want it, we can normally lend you one while your own is being repaired.