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Part Part No All Terrain Compact Plus Compact High Lite Terrain 2014 HillBilly
HB Plug'n'Play Lithium Battery 00608-01-01           Yes
HB Lite Bag Deluxe 00130-01-01         Yes Yes
HB Extended RangeT-Connect Battery inc Bag HB260            
Extended Range Battery Loose 00556-01-01            
HB Complete Set of Accessories TBA           Yes
HB Plug'n'Play Standard Lead-Acid Battery 00607-01-01           Yes
HB 20 Ah Torberry Battery HB200-5U Yes Yes Yes Yes    
HB 20 Ah T-Connect Battery HB200-T         Yes  
20 Ah Loose Battery 00550-01-01            
T-Connect Charger HB450T         Yes  
Torberry Connect Charger HB450 Yes Yes Yes Yes    
HB Plug'n'Play Charger 00720-01-01           Yes
Bearing Block Replacement Kit AKIT12   Yes Yes Yes    
HB Umbrella Holder  00711-01-01         Yes Yes
HB Cradle for GPS/Smartphone 00712-01-01         Yes Yes
HB Drinks Holder 00710-01-01         Yes Yes
HB Set of 3 Accessories 00705-01-01         Yes Yes
HB Umbrella 00237-01-01           Yes
HB Travel Bag HB6071   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HB Terrain Seat HB650         Yes  
HB Winter Wheels (pair) 00807-22-01           Yes
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