Shipping & Returns


Prices are for the UK.  Presently, we do not ship elsewhere as standard.

We believe that posting and packing charges should be calculated on a "per delivery" basis.  After all, it doesn't cost twice as much to handle two items as it does to handle one item.    Neither do we want to put you off adding to your order.

If you buy a trolley (Group 1) from us, it is a good order for us and so you get FREE SHIPPING !

If you buy a trolley (Group 1) from us and then decide to add some other items (even another trolley) to your order, your Postage &Packing for one delivery of the lot will be free.

If you are not ordering a trolley but want a bag or similar (Group 2), we will charge you £7.50 P&P for the lot even if you add some other items from Group 2, Group 3 or Group 4.

Similarly, you can have any combination of Group 3 items shipped for a P&P charge of £5.00 for the lot even if you add some group 4.

Finally, you may have any combination of Group 4 for a charge of £2.50.

Provided you have entered your delivery details, you can recalculate your postage and packing charge at any time by going to your basket and clicking on the show delivery costs tab.

If you haven't entered your delivery address, the table below allows you to make the calculation:

Part Part No Price Group  P&P
All Trolleys     1 Free
HB Plug'n'Play Lithium Battery 00608-01-01 £179.99 2 £7.50
HB Lite Bag Deluxe 00130-01-01 £89.99 2 £7.50
HB Extended RangeT-Connect Battery inc Bag HB260 £69.00 2 £7.50
Extended Range Battery Loose 00556-01-01 £64.00 2 £7.50
HB Universal Replacement 18-Hole Lithium Battery 01041-01-01 £179.99 2 £7.50
HB Universal Replacement 36-Hole Lithium Battery 01042-01-01 £229.99 2 £7.50
Motor Replacement Kit Hi-Lite Only UKKIT32 £58.69 2 £7.50
HB Plug'n'Play Standard Lead-Acid Battery 00607-01-01 £74.99 2 £7.50
HB 20 Ah Torberry Battery inc Bag HB200-5U £74.99 2 £7.50
HB 20 Ah T-Connect Battery inc Bag HB200-T £74.99 2 £7.50
20 Ah Loose Battery 00550-01-01 £69.99 2 £7.50
Torberry Charger Yellow/Black HB3788U £49.99 2 £7.50
T-Connect/Interconnect Charger HB3565 £49.99 2 £7.50
HB Plug'n'Play Charger 00720-01-01 £49.99 2 £7.50
HB Winter Wheels for new 2014 Hill Billy 00807-22-01 £71.99 2 £7.50
HB Terrain Seat  (does not fit new 2014 Hill Billy) HB650 £18.99 2 £7.50
HB Travel Bag HB6071 £30.99 2 £7.50
Bearing Block Replacement Kit AKIT12 £23.44 3 £5.00
HB Umbrella Holder  00711-01-01 £21.99 3 £5.00
HB Cradle for GPS/Smartphone 00712-01-01 £23.99 3 £5.00
HB Drinks Holder 00710-01-01 £14.99 3 £5.00
HB Complete Set of Accessories  00705-01-01 £49.99 3 £5.00
HB Umbrella 00237-01-01 £30.99 3 £5.00
HB Golf Bag Rain Cover HB619 £30.99 3 £5.00
Skid Kit AKIT30 £11.24 3 £5.00
Bearing Replacement Kit AKIT14 £10.09 3 £5.00
HB Battery Bag for 24/26 Ah battery HB621-1A £9.00 3 £5.00
HB Battery Bag for 20Ah HB621A £9.00 3 £5.00
Clutch Kit - Left & Right AKIT20 £13.99 4 £2.50
Gearbox Cone Replacement AKIT16 £5.04 4 £2.50
Control Knob UKKIT1 £5.04 4 £2.50
Torberry Battery Lead Kit AKIT40 £4.69 4 £2.50
Interconnect to Torberry/Andersen Connecter 00920-01-01 £3.00 4 £2.50
Screw Kit - Handle Only UKKIT3 £3.39 4 £2.50

We generally ship within two working days of receiving your order.  You should receive your order a working day after shipment unless you live in one of the more far flung parts of the country.

If you need an urgent or special delivery, contact us and we will see how we can help.

Presently, we do not ship outside the UK.

Returns and Refunds

Your Hill Billy Trolley is covered by a 28-day “No Quibble” money-back promise and a 2 year warranty for the trolley, the Lithium battery and charger. The Standard battery and other products come with a one year warranty.

If you need to return any product, please contact us by phone or mail and we will issue you with a “Return to Factory” label and arrange for collection by our carriers. If your product is being returned under the 28-day “No Quibble” money-back promise, on receipt of your returned product we will credit the original card and notify you by email.

These warranties in no way affect your Statutory Rights. 

Changing or Cancelling Orders

You can view your order after it has been placed by going to the 'My Account' section of the website. If you wish to change or cancel your order, please contact us:

Telephone:      +44 1795 413830
Or use our        contact page.

Most orders you place with us enter the shipping process very quickly so we can get your items to you as soon as possible. So, the item may be too far into the shipping process to be modified.

If your order cannot be modified and you no longer wish to receive your items, you may refuse the package or contact us to arrange collection and credit.

If you cancel part of an order or the entire order, we'll also send a confirmation message to the e-mail address on your account.